Abigail Weber - Coach/Owner

Abigail is one of the co-owners at DuBois CrossFit and a level 1 trainer. She is also a certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach. She is passionate about fitness and the positive impact she can have in people’s lives. She is also the proud mom of an adorable one year old boy.
Abigail's favorite WODs are:

  • Murph
  • Barbara
  • 12 Days of Christmas

Kayla Kovall- Coach

Originally from Clearfield, Kayla just moved back after spending 13 years in Pittsburgh...a small town girl at heart. She fell in love with fitness at age 18. Got her group fitness certification and has been coaching a variety of functional fitness classes ever since! 6 years ago she nervously stepped into her first CrossFit Box and immediately was hooked!! Loved how the CrossFit community and coaches were so welcoming. The WODs (workout of the day) were different everyday. And there is ALWAYS something to work on getting better at...at every level. As a coach she loves seeing people jump out of their comfort zones and push themselves. She has a true passion for fitness and coaching and is so excited to be bring what she Loves so much to her home town!
Advice for someone new: Take that step out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to ask your coaches questions...we LOVE this stuff and want to help you get better!
Kayla's favorite WODs are:

  • Murph
  • Chippers
  • Any WOD with gymnastics
  • Least favorite: Thrusters

Eddie Jenkins - Coach/Owner

After spending the last 20 years in Baltimore, MD - Eddie packed his stuff up and moved to DuBois to be with his now Wife Bobbi Jo and now 2 daughters Bella (8) and Harper (1). Missing CrossFit, Eddie built a garage gym/box, but was missing community and competition so he decided to build DuBois CrossFit. Eddie has 8+ years doing CrossFit of which 5 he competed in the Open and multiple local competitions. Eddie is taking the Level 1 CrossFit course and exam in mid January of 2020. Eddie is also training for a late 2020 Ironman and enjoys ALL fitness and excercise. Full-time Eddie runs Technology and Marketing for Gasbarre Products in DuBois.
Eddie's favorite WODs are:

  • Murph
  • Grace
  • Angie
  • Nate