About DuBois CrossFit

What makes us different?

If you walk into DuBois CrossFit with an open mind, a positive attitude, and the desire to work hard, we will do everything in our power to not only make your stronger and healthier, but to make you all around more fit for life.

Some of your questions


How many days per week do I need to work out?
Depending on your health and fitness goals, you’ll need to commit to a minimum of 3 days of exercise each week to see results. Any fewer than that and each workout will feel like you’re starting all over again each and every time.
I haven’t done any exercise in a few years. Can I jump straight into CrossFit training?
Definitely, CrossFit is for all fitness levels. Combining CrossFit training sessions with your nutrition routine is a great way to blast through barriers and achieve your fitness goals faster.
What do I need to bring to a personal training session?
Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and correct footwear.
Will I be sore after my workouts?
Almost definitely, almost forever. One of the benefits of constantly varied functional fitness is we are working different muscles every day and doing that at a very high intensity level. You will be sore! Our goal is to make sure it's a GOOD sore and not a bad sore. We have a term in CrossFit about our soreness... "Embrace the Suck!", meaning that soreness means you tore some muscles down and now they are going to rebuild themselves bigger and stronger.